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Brand Design,
Integrative Marketing.

Each Soul is an individual consciousness that originates from Source, imprinted with a unique blueprint that has divine purpose and mission. I access individual energy signatures through journey and infuse soul essence into business branding and marketing.


I had the pleasure of working with Laura. She validated so many things for me that had been in question. The entire experience was quite remarkable. I literally could feel all the upgrades and activation codes in my DNA. Being able to feel where I came from , who I am and what I am here to do is the most magical experience ever. She goes above and beyond to put all the puzzle pieces together for you. All of this has been very empowering and insightful. I know exactly my role on this planet and I feel so blessed !!! Words can never fully express how grateful I am to have had this experience!! Much love and blessings!! 

AJ, Into the Mystic

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