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Integrative Marketing Consultant

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Strategy, systems, schematics, blueprints, these are my zone of genius. As we usher in a collective spiritual reawakening, we each have divine roles encoded in our journeys. My gene key is 48. “An endless well of ideas to improve and transform the lives of others.” It is described as a wealth of knowledge. Transitioning a fear of inadequacy into wisdom and depth to share with others. My gift is resourcefulness. I can demonstrate to others how to take risks and go beyond the edge, inspiring them to embrace the unknown. My role is not one of traditional means. I am here to restructure what it means to be a healer in these times. To bring validity and sophistication to what most people often dismissed in the past. I won’t sit with others through their healing journeys like many of you will, but rather prepare you to be able to do that. I work from the top down. I keep you tethered to the 3D so that your work can elicit change where it needs to. I understand Finance, Business, and Marketing. I am a Master of Sales. Through my rebirth, Spirit so eloquently showed me the immense power that I am. My birth chart tells me that I’m here for success and that those aligned with me will experience it as well. I am not here to be ordinary. And neither are you. Spirit said it's go time.

Situated on the traditional territory of the Lheidli T'enneh and their traditional lands.

Bear Clan - Nak'azdli Whut'en

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